How to Survive an Argument with a Woman in 7 Steps

Assuming that you’re a guy who’s totally clueless on how to deal with women or girls, it be your lady, your girlfriend, your mom (or my mom), this should help you. (I’m telling you, I have reasons to believe that I’d make a REALLY great boyfriend if I were a guy. Except I’m not, and I will never be lesbian because women are ugh.)

#1 Say you’re sorry (even if you were the one who got hurt)
…and is currently getting hurt with rhetorical questions, which you have no choice of saying “no” to. The woman in question will make you realize why she actually got mad in the first place. It’s something you realized the moment she suddenly went on fire. You realized everything in an oh-shit-go-facepalm-yourself-here-we-go-again sort of way. Tell her that you’ve realized the wrong things that you said. Calmly.
#2 Calmly. Be calm. NEVER raise your voice
Else, she’d raise both her voice and her rage meter. I repeat, calmly say you’re sorry. It takes awhile for the female to understand that you’ve realized everything 5 to 10 minutes ago.
Even if she’d pointed out how stupid you were and no matter how mad you’re now getting for her implying how stupid you were, be calm. NEVER raise your voice. Nope, you have no right to be mad for getting hurt. And insulted.
#3 She is ALWAYS right, even if she’s not.
Even if she’s just 1% right, consider her point that’s right and with that, accept/admit defeat. Say yes that she was right, and again, say sorry. And that you were stupid.

#4 Tell her you never wanted her mad in the first place.
It will probably calm her down in an “awww” sort of way, in her head. She will never really show it though. She would change her mood into a bearable one and will suddenly be sweet. The subject would magically be dropped and avoided.
#5 Do not expect an apology. (Or “closure”)
Because she was right in the first place. Yeah, we’re all doomed. The only consolation you get is that she stops nagging, fight’s over but she will most likely, never say sorry. Do not push your luck.
It’s back to square one once you ask for one.

#6 Do not point out how insensitive she is.
Because in her eyes, it’s you and everyone else (but her) who is insensitive and dumb. She will get back to you on that if you do. You’ll NEVER hear the end of it.
#7 Learn from your mistakes and be careful next time you speak.
She will interpret everything you say, and will and ALWAYS will, use it against you. Miranda rights, remember?


LASTLY, when she’s calmed down, you could try saying “I love you”. Now, sit, stay. Roll over. Good dog!


November. Developments in my Mundane Life

10 Months down, what have I accomplished?

1.  Sort of learned how to dance (Growl, La Song, Overdose). That’s a start. I still do everything in the most awkward fashion but nvm. lol

2. Went on a date. lol. It was this year but everything happened too fast. An overdue crush that I never thought I’d ever get over. And now my brain’s focusing on someone else.  ugh. this has got to stop.

3. Got in Fine Arts. Hope I grad on time.

4. Learned how to use my diaphragm but I still can’t sing lol.

5. Made new  friends.

6. Confessed but failed to move on. Ugh. I think I made our originally  awkward friendship weirder. Good thing he has amazing socialization skills else, I’d hate myself for making things worse. lol

7. I learned how to hold a knife and a pencil. Literally. Properly.

8. ohyea. got a “job”.

Oct 31 – danced/desperately-flailed-my-arms-everywhere for 1 hour.

Nov 1 – did crunches

Nov 2 – nothing. tried dancing. tried learning new steps. finished day 5.

Nov 3 – ???

Nov goals: survive school. finish vocab book. rev steps for grad piece., study chinese, teach self how to dance lol


Singing Class Session 3: Maria + Destiny


It’s the 2nd meeting I attended (I missed the 2nd meeting).

We learned “Maria” from 200 Pounds Beauty and “Destiny” from 별에서 온 그대.

As usual, we started the class by stretching and massaging each other. I’m not sure how many people missed class but we were an odd number. My friend 지야 paired up with someone else and I was left with—our teacher! She massaged my back strongly then I massaged her. It overwhelmed me that I was massaging our teacher and so I did it gently. She told me to make it stronger so I did.

Then, we did the usual diaphragm breathing exercise, then tone/pitch/key-matching—whatever it’s called, lastly a staccato-legato vocalization on the piano. I think we all got the hang of the staccato with the proper use of the diaphragm.

We studied “Maria” and were taught about the dynamics of the song. It was awesome. The “마리아~ 아베 마리아” part was the only thing—still is the only part that I can’t sing properly.

Next, we learned “My Destiny”. Funny part was when we all were assigned 1 line at the end of the class. I was at the end of the circle and my line was… “그대를 불러봅니다”—which was actually longer than my friend’s. Her line was “my destiny” before “그대를 불러봅니다”. I never got to sang my line ’cause 지야 laughed when she sang hers. Our teacher laughed and stopped playing the piano and said sorry haha.

Anyhoo~ during one of the songs, I noticed that I automatically took deep breaths after each line. It was awesome, I couldn’t believe I was actually using my diaphragm and taking deep breaths without taking forever or thinking too much about it.

I still can’t sing “Maria” and I seem to have unlearned (?) how to use my diaphragm by default. I need to practice everyday.

Next meeting, I’m thinking of volunteering to be tested so I’m going to practice Maria ’til Friday so I won’t fail dramatically with all my classmates listening. I am sooo excited~! 

After class, I ate lunch with 지야 and taught her 한글. My friend/classmate from dance class, 크리스틴 also joined us. I had to beg them for a picture ㅠ 나랑 함께 사진 찍는 건 왜 싫어?



Sup y’all, Arin is back! [Mass Update]

I have 3 drawings to do and a pig to do for materials class that’s due Tuesday but hey, I thought, why not procrastinate by updating my blog?

Start of Class (August 7)
We were blessed to have met such a wonderful inspiration / professor for our Drawing 1 and Techniques class. She’s just the perfect person for a constantly-on-an-existential-crisis doubtful art student (a.k.a. me).

Pinoy KPOP Star (August 23)

I came to watch and support my friend/classmate/선배 who joined the singing part. (Tickets were free, which was totally awesome). I did not know that Hybrid would also be there (I’m such a fan, really) so I was just filled with S O  M U C H F E E L S when I found out that they were a part of it. Some of the performers were really talented, the rest just relied on audience impact. Meh. I’m not going to name names though.
Anyhoo, after 2 years of waiting, I finally (my fate) got to meet Hybrid again and have a picture taken with them! ; u ; Of course with Ally/Verna, their new Zelo.

BAP PH’s 2nd Gathering! (Aug 31)
Again, I would not have come if it weren’t for 메케선배 because I really, really, really have been wanting to see him cover Warrior. I found out about him performing by accident when he missed one our classes (not important, lol).
I’m not much of a fangirl nor do I blend with their specie but I bought tickets and dragged my friend to suffer with me in the event—because we’re such “anti-social” creatures.
And Hybrid was there.
I enjoyed B.A.6’s performance. They’re such adorable children (except for 선배 who is older than me and therefore cannot be called a child).
And I waited F O R E V E R for Hybrid’s. I couldn’t stop fangirling over their entire performance, really. I just love them sooo much!
At the end, I only got to get a picture with Neen, Ally/Verna and Krissan. Everyone wanted a picture with everyone else. Since I’m such a weirdo (not to mention, older than everyone in B.A.6), I wasn’t really thinking taking a picture with them—but they it would have been weird if I didn’t so I asked 선배 if I could have a picture taken with them and he called everyone for me. Friendship. is. awesome. :))

Anyway it’s highly unlikely that I would ever go to the next gathering since I hated the feeling of being surrounded by...fangirls. Ako na KJ.

Anger Plate (Sept 9)
Also coincidentally my paternal gramp’s death anniversary.
I danced “Overdose” in front of my blockmates and professor who were all amazed by my lousy dancing. (I dance crap compared to my dance classmates at KCC.)


KCC: Enrolled in Korean Singing Class (Sept 11)

I know I have TONS of plates to do, there’s so much to be done that it’s driving me crazy. So much stress from plates that I wanted to do something different. Lately I’ve been trying to teach myself how to sing like normal people do—and not copy each member’s style, totally ruining my vocal range with B.A.P’s songs. hahah.

Getting derailed here, I think.

Anyway, another classmate from dance class convinced me to enroll in singing class. I was supposed to enroll on the 10th but I did not make it. I just tutored instead. A total volunteer work slash slavery if you ask me. Bright side was, it was the same kid I tutored August so we just laughed the entire time.

Obviously derailed.

Our first class was last Saturday (Sept 27). I made a new friend.
We stretched, massaged each other then galloped or skipped around before we got to the vocalization part. We were taught how to use our diaphragms—and I got “scolded” a frew times for being of short breath…since I don’t know how to “breathe deep”. We did vocalizations too. It was fun like being in a choir. Our first song was “I believe” from Sassy Girl. The song was familiar but I realized that I did not watch the series at all.

2 Months with Enriquez Tomorrow!!! (Oct 7)
I shall postpone the party for making it through 2 months with Enriquez after I finish EVERYTHING that’s due on our 2nd monthsary.

And I’m out!


End of June

It’s amazing but I got called fat a lot of times yesterday so I did what I had to do: exercise. (Not that I had no plans of doing so.)

Fitness / Exercise 

062714. I did… 30-40 minutes of cardio on some idk-what-to-call-that-exercise-thing, 1 round of Fantastic Baby (crunches), 40 on the ab wheel.

My abs are starting to hurt haha.


I can’t get the timing of the hip thrust part, I have no studied Kai’s robot part, I finally get the….rap part before Sehun’s solo.

Unfortunately, I’m starting to lose timing. I can’t get the jump rope part 100% right, (I’m probably cheating by letting my legs move on their own), I can’t get the timing for her love her love~~, I also think that I do the chorus part really weird.

So to sum it all up: I’m almost done learning/reviewing all steps for Overdose (except for Kai and Sehun’s solo part aaaand the last chorus), BUT, I am failing on the counting and must review the past steps that I first learned/reviewed.


I’ve gotten my University Admission Slip, passed it to the College and all that I have to deal with is the STS and my TOR.

As for scholarship applications, I’ve done 1/11 of the requirements. I still have to proofread and edit it though.

Monday, I plan on school hopping to get my TORs, Diploma and hopefully, 3 people to get a recommendation letter from—I hope I finish all of these before the 20th.



HTTYD2 + Timezone + Tom’s World (A late birthday treat)

too bad I failed to take any photo ><


It’s been forever since I last met my blockmate slash roommate Justine and she decided to treat me as a late birthday gift. (more than a month late, really.)


Okay so, last movie I watched in the cinema was Jackie Chan’s Spy Next Door, but I looooove HTTYD so much that I suggested that she treat me to that instead so we went to Gateway and bought our tickets for HTTYD2.


Cinema 8 was small! I think there were only around 10 of us in that room? I chose chairs H11 and H12 which was perfect. Not too high, not too low.


Justine bought popcorn and had cookies with her. We ate while waiting until the trailers were shown. (Of all those trailers, I look forward to “Home”.).



Much much awesome-r than the first!

Totally worth it watching it in the cinema, even if the ticket cost 220. I can’t wait for the DVD release so I could watch it again. Astrid and Hiccup were sweeter this time. Ruffnuff’s crazy. Toothless? Forever adorable.


Timezone + Tom’s World

We originally wanted to try the DDR-like game except the pads are in an “X” shape, and since it was her treat, she told me I could choose wherever I wanted to spend her card’s load on. I suggested the karaoke and so we did. I sang Anastasia’s “At the Beginning”, UP Dharma Down’s “Tadhana” and Yeng Constantino’s “Siguro”. My dear friend interrupted almost each lines with her fangirl squeals which distracted me from singing anything properly.

I think I bought a 100 peso worth donut.

After that we went to Robinsons Manila and went to Tom’s World. We did a few rounds on DDR and daaaang my legs died.


I got home, fed the dogs and just dropped dead on my bed. My mom kept complaining that I should be happy, energized if I had a lot of fun but my legs were so tired from jumping all over the DDR pads. My legs fail me so much and I doubt I’ll ever make it to expert any time soon.


Nevertheless, it was a fun day. Despite being unable to take any pictures, I will cherish those moments forever.



16 Personality Types, Humanmetrics Result

take the test here.

and of course, I got…


Introvert(72%)  Sensing(38%)  Feeling(75%)  Judging(56%)

You have distinct preference of Introversion over Extraversion (72%)
You have moderate preference of Sensing over Intuition (38%)
You have distinct preference of Feeling over Thinking (75%)
You have moderate preference of Judging over Perceiving (56%)


Dr. John H. Watson, M.D. (Sherlock Holmes’ faithful sidekick) is also an ISFJ. I am the sidekick type. lol.